February 1-February 28, 1881

Tuesday, Feb. 1: Made light on Cape Sacaratif. Very rough with head wind.

Wednesday, Feb. 2: Made light on Cape Sacaratif for the 6th time. This morning can see the snow on the tops of the high hills. Head wind again but very pleasant and smooth. Are further to the Westward than we thought as we can see Malaga and Velez Malaga. Malaga is 50 miles from Gibraltar. Made short tacks and went in very near Malaga and Velez Malaga. At Velez Malaga could see the roads very plain that run around the country. We could also see the rivers that run up by the light-house and the houses in the village. The land around here looks very fertile as I suppose it is for at Malaga a great deal of fruit is exported.

Thursday, Feb. 3: Last night for a change made light at Malaga, Velez Malaga, Cala Burras and Marbella as we had a little land breeze during the evening. It was very foggy this morning with a fair breeze. At 11 o’clock it cleared up and there were many vessels around us. At 4 p.m. a head wind sprang up and at 5 we had a heavy squall lasting some 30 minutes and after it was through it was very rough.

Friday, Feb. 4: Father took a sight this morning and found that the current had set up back as we are in about the longitude of Malaga. Can see no land. We are heading toward Africa. Head wind as usual.

Saturday Feb. 5: Yesterday afternoon saw the Rock as it was very clear. This morning can see both Spain and Africa.

Sunday, Feb. 13: Since I last wrote have been around Malaga all the time. An Italian bark…put up signals to show he was bound to PensacolaPensacola

The westernmost city on Florida's panhandle, a port on the Gulf of Mexico.
. Just as we were going by Gibraltar a large whale came near us. First one I have ever seen. We went so near the Rock that we could see the guards walking around. At the eastern end of the Rock there are a good many small cottages.

Thursday, Feb. 24: Yesterday it rained and hailed all day. In the forenoon we had some of the largest hail stones I have ever seen. This morning it is very thick.

Monday, Feb. 28: Had a fair wind Friday and Saturday. Has been calm all day yesterday and is calm today. Yesterday and today are very warm. Friday night I saw the prettiest rainbow I ever saw. It was very large and had the shape of a half circle.